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AYRES Law Office is dedicated to pursuing justice for all our clients. We vigorously and aggressively represent our clients to protect the rights guaranteed under the statutes and cases laid down as the Law for the People and by the People. Specializing in civil litigation, we utilize our extensive experience and knowledge with integrity and determination. Our firm is actively committed to providing excellent quality legal service in order to ensure success.

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We welcome new opportunities to assist the people of our community and offer free first-hour consultations in many cases. Honest assessment is always provided with appropriate recommendations. To learn more about the qualifications and experience of our attorneys, please follow their links at the top of the page. For more information regarding assistance on your case please contact us at (530) 229-1340 or by email at

Representing the Redding area & beyond.

William D. Ayres, Esq., of Ayres Law Office has a reputation for aggressively and successfully litigating civil cases throughout California from the Bay Area to the Oregon border. Mr. Ayres has been working with insurance companies, municipalities, and school districts for more than twenty-five years. His knowledge and success in prosecuting and defending civil cases is a matter of public record.

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